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How do you stop negative workplace behaviours before it turns toxic and becomes bullying and without getting burnt in the process? Great question! This course gives you the HOW and WHY behind negative conflict and confrontations PLUS a Tailored Response Toolkit that gives you specific tactics and tools to help you expertly deal with toxic behaviours in YOUR workplace.

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WHAT YOU GET IN THIS eCOURSE: The HOW and WHY behind negative or toxic workplace conflict or confrontations PLUS a TAILORED RESPONSE TOOLKIT that give you expert strategies and tactics to deal with toxic situations in YOUR workplace BEFORE it turns to bullying and WITHOUT harming you.

AUDIENCE: You, leaders, workers, L&D & HR professionals, people in workplaces who are seeking new methods to prevent or control potentially toxic workplace behaviours from escalating to bullying and harassment.


COST: AUS$397.00 (+GST for AUS participants). International currencies are automatically converted on payment and are based on daily foreign exchange rates.

CONTENT: An expert walks you through this content and shows you how & why negative workplace confrontations can turn toxic, so you know how to stop and prevent it from happening. Create your own Tailored Response Toolkit and get strategies and tactics to activate your personal power and expertly deal with negative conflict and confrontations in YOUR workplace without getting burnt in the process.

Research has confirmed that without interruption, workplace confrontations will lead to escalated, aggressive & sometimes violent face-to-face or online acts. The faster you recognise the first signs, the faster you can expertly and professionally take control of the situation.

Organisational Social Psychology Expert

Dr Flis Lawrence

Dr Flis Lawrence is an adult educator with 25 years work experience in private, military and public workplaces, for which she received an Outstanding Service award plus two Australia Day team medals. She holds a BA Social Science in HR Management & Development and Human Communications, and wrote her doctoral dissertation on the rate and impact of workplace cyberbullying (and f2f bullying) in the Faculty of Education, QUT, for which she was nominated for two awards.Her innovative adult education strategies give leaders and workers bespoke, personalised toolkits to help quickly identify, prevent, interrupt or control negative online and offline workplace behaviours and attitudes. Her aim is to give you the knowledge and skills to safely beat bullying behaviours with innovative education methods that foster safer, respectful cultures for happier, creative and engaged people and productive workplaces. She works with individuals, leaders, HR and L&D practitioners around the country.

Course curriculum

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    Chapter 1: HOW & WHY Negative Workplace Confrontations Arise

    • Download your COMPLETE WORKBOOK & Tailored Response Toolkit. Keep this workbook open!

    • Video 2_Introducing the first 4 sessions

    • Session 1_Why do workplace confrontations happen? (webinar)

    • Session 2_Why is it important to control workplace confrontations? (webinar)

    • Session 3_How can anxiety and personality lead to workplace confrontations? (webinar)

    • Session 4_How can workplace environmental factors result in workplace confrontation? (webinar)

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    Chapter 2: Sessions 5 - 10 & Your TAILORED RESPONSE TOOLKIT

    • Video 3_Introducing the 6 strategy formula & FREE Goodie Bag

    • SESSION 5. Strategy One 'Slippery Cool Banana'_How can I avoid, or prevent, the confrontation? (webinar)

    • SESSION 6. Strategy Two 'Clever Cool Banana'_How can I find out and analyse what's really going on? (webinar)

    • SESSION 7. Strategy Three 'Chilled Out Cool Banana' _How can I stay calm and in control? (webinar)

    • SESSION 8. Strategy Four 'Solicitous Cool Banana' _How do I defuse and take control of confrontations? (webinar)

    • SESSION 9. Strategy Five 'Road-Runner Cool Banana' _ How can I use 'time out' to interrupt confrontations? (webinar)

    • SESSION 10. Strategy Six 'Studious Cool Banana' _How can I protect myself from being bullied? (webinar)

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    • Your FREE GOODIE BAG with more strategies, tactics & tools

    • Painless Personal & Team Communication Style Instrument

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