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Controlling Workplace Confrontations eModule

Course description

This free mini-course is usually priced at $99.00 per person. It gives you 10 tactics to help you to beat bullying behaviours Without getting victimised in the process.

You also learn how to quickly spot and stop workplace bullies PLUS tips to recognise the tricks bullies use to control you.

Find out how bullies groom you to become their victim, and what they really want from you.

Discover why it’s critical to quickly recognise the underhanded, passive-aggressive or visible behaviours of a workplace bully.

Get simple steps to re-discover your personal power and beat bullying behaviours using 10 powerful tactics.

Dr Flis Lawrence

Dr Flis Lawrence

Organisational Social Psychology Expert

Dr Flis Lawrence is an adult educator with 25 years work experience in private, military and public workplaces, for which she received an Outstanding Service award plus two Australia Day team medals. She holds a BA Social Science in HR Management & Development and Human Communications, and wrote her doctoral dissertation on the rate and impact of workplace cyberbullying (and f2f bullying) in the Faculty of Education, QUT, for which she was nominated for two awards.

Her innovative adult education strategies give leaders and workers bespoke, personalised toolkits to help quickly identify, prevent, interrupt or control negative online and offline workplace behaviours and attitudes. Her aim is to give you the knowledge and skills to safely beat bullying behaviours with innovative education methods that foster safer, respectful cultures for happier, creative and engaged people and productive workplaces. She works with individuals, leaders, HR and L&D practitioners around the country.

Course Includes

7 Videos

2 Texts

1.0 hr